Teamwork is a key element for SMS Broadcasting Device. Our team is very strong in terms of creativity and technology. People, who work with us, do their best to achieve great result. We are sure that we did a lot already, that left many competitors behind. Of course, it is also the merit of our users, who definitely like the product (75% of all users use our device at least once a week).  Our important competitive advantage is that we are the first in the market for such SMS Broadcasting Device.

Founder and CEO

J O N is the founder and CEO of SMS Broadcasting Device. The company started working in 2016 at the dorm room. From the beginning, J O N was the support representative, sole engineer and designer of the entire product platform.  With an exception of his main responsibilities in creating the product strategy, and managing the organization, J O N remains actively involved in design and engineering within the company.


M K is a seasoned engineering leader with extensive experience managing and growing software development teams in high-growth startups. Before joining SMS Broadcasting Device, M K served in senior leadership roles at a number of organizations.


J F is responsible for design creation. Since joining our team, he has created a team of the best designers that make our product look really wonderful.

Chief Creative Officer

As the Chief Creative Officer of SMS Broadcasting Device, R B leads the company’s award-winning creative team, whose work encapsulates all brand creative, brand design and product design efforts for the company.

Product Development

A M has more than 5 years of experience in software development, enterprise, SaaS, apps. Also, he has an experience in managing several on and offshore teams using different functions of the product development.

VP Managing Director

H R is an accomplished technology and business leader with over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT industries.